Best Pickleball Bags

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We review the best pickleball bags to carry your Pickleball paddles, Pickleball balls, Pickleball shoes, Pickleball clothing, gloves, protective glasses & whatever else an avid pickleball player needs.

There are so many Pickleball bags on the market today. There are Pickleball backpacks, Pickleball sling bags & Pickleball duffle bags to choose from & it’s a definite headache to sort through them all & choose the best.

This is why we’ve done the homework for you and reviewed five of the best Pickleball bags on the market today.  

Here’s the Best Pickleball Bags Reviews:

The Franklin Sports Pickleball Sling Bag – First Choice!

The Franklin Sports Pickleball Sling Bag, also known as the Pickleball-X Elite, is an iconic Pickleball bag. It has a very ergonomic design and great aesthetic value. It comes in two colors – black and green. This Pickleball bag is roomy enough to hold all your equipment. It can hold up to six Pickleball paddles, a plethora of Pickleball balls and other paraphernalia such as your Pickleball shoes and clothes.

The Franklin Sports Pickleball Sling Bag is a favorite because of its extra-large storage and back support. Carrying all your Pickleball equipment together can create stress on the back. This bag rules out any pain with its ergonomic shoulder strap. The bag also has a bottle pocket for your water. It also has a felt pouch for your electronic items: mobile phones and earphones plus a holder for your keys.

The Wolfe Professional Pickleball Sling Bag – Close Second!  

The Wolfe Professional Pickleball Sling Bag is a crossover body backpack for both men and women. This backpack is quite large and roomy and measures 16 inches from top to bottom with a width of 13.5 inches. It’s been designed by Slazenger Sports (the number one company for tennis equipment). It boasts a great look with high durability.  

Designed for pro Pickleball players, the Wolfe Professional Pickleball Sling Bag can carry all your equipment. It can carry two paddles, a few balls, your water bottle, a towel and other knick-knacks in its various zippered pockets. This Pickleball bag is fully padded on the interior to provide more protection to your Pickleball paddles. The ergonomically designed shoulder strap is able to bear a greater load than most other Pickleball bags! It even boasts an anti-theft earphone docket so you can listen to music from your phone as you move around!


The Game On Pickleball Duffle Bag

The Game On Pickleball Duffle Bag is a standard duffel bag. It can easily hold up to four Pickleball paddles, a dozen Pickleball balls and a host of other stuff such as your towels and shoes. It also has two zippered compartments for storing all essentials such as your phone and keys.

The Game On Pickleball Duffle Bag comes in three colors: Red, green and blue. This bag is aesthetically pleasing, and the adjustable shoulder strap makes it easy to carry too!  

The Amazin’ Aces Premium Pickleball Backpack

The Amazin’ Aces Premium Pickleball Backpack is another prime Pickleball bag that’s ideal for any Pickleball fanatic. With a sleeve for four Pickleball balls and a compartment that can fit up to four Pickleball paddles, this bag is roomy all the way.  It can also hold your towels and shoes in the second main compartment if you wish! This Pickleball bag is designed with convenient pockets for the knickknacks – mobile, wallet, keys etc.

The bag has a padded backing as well as shoulder straps so it’s pretty much a breeze to carry around. It even has a loop for easy hanging on the Pickleball court fence or a nail in the locker room of your local sports complex. The interior compartment protects your paddles from damage. The only con of the Amazin’ Aces Premium Pickleball Backpack is the lack of a side or inner sleeve for water bottles.

The Pickleball Fanatic Duffel Bag

The Pickleball Fanatic Duffel Bag measures in at eighteen inches in length, nine inches in width and 10.5 inches in height. This bag has pretty much everything a Pickleball player needs. It has room for all your Pickleball equipment and gear, specialized pockets for your phone and keys, shoe pockets – so your shoes don’t damage your paddles and a water bottle pocket! If you’re looking for a great Pickleball pro bag, don’t rule out the Pickleball Fantastic Duffel Bag. It’s durable, so it’s built to last!

A Good Pickleball Bag is Essential

This game requires a proper set of equipment to play. So whether you’re a newbie or a professional – what you will need is a Pickleball paddle, Pickleball balls, a Pickleball net and a Pickleball court. A good Pickleball bag helps you carry your Pickleball equipment & prevent all your Pickleball accessories from being damaged.

The sport has grown in popularity over the years & we’ve even seen the most famous family in America, the Kardashians, playing Pickleball in recent times on one of the most successful reality shows ever, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, in season 16 episode 2. As a result there’s been a boom in Pickleball-related accessories, including Pickleball bags!