How long does a Pickleball paddle last?

As more and more people turn to Pickleball for fun and exercise, there’s an explosion of Pickleball equipment and merchandise available online and in stores. Of course, the Pickleball paddles lead the charge! There are hundreds of Pickleball paddles on sale by different manufacturers and retail outlets. Your paddle is a great investment in a wonderful sport, but how long does a Pickleball paddle last?What makes a good pickleball paddle

These Pickleball paddles have so many variables that it becomes difficult for the average Pickleball player to pick one. These variables include weight, grip size, core material, facing material, edge-guard style and many more. We go into more detail in our article “What makes a good Pickleball paddle?”, so please take a look. Pickleball paddles can be quite expensive.  This is why, with the huge selection of Pickleball paddles out there,  you need to know how to choose the one that will last the longest?

There are a few variables that determine how long a Pickleball paddle will last for & here they are:

What’s your Level of Play?

How often do you play Pickleball? If you’re a professional player who plays daily, you can reasonably expect to change your paddle every year. However, if you play once or twice a week, you can expect your paddle to last for three to four years without needing to change it!

What Type of Material is your Pickleball Paddle Made of?

There are different types of Pickleball paddles made from different materials. Depending on the material used, Pickleball paddles have a different timeline for use until they wear out. Wooden paddles, which are the cheapest and ideally used for children and beginners, last the longest. If you have a wooden paddle, you can use it for five years or more without it showing signs of wear and tear.

Pickleball paddles with graphite facing don’t last too long for professional players, because the graphite – which is a microfilm of carbon – tends to wear out with constant play. A professional Pickleball player can even expect to change a polymer graphite paddle after a few months of use!

What Are Your Paddle Storage Conditions Like?

When it comes to Pickleball paddles, one of the biggest threats to durability is climate. Extreme temperatures are never good for Pickleball paddles and can cause weather damage. Never leave your paddle lying out in the hot sun on a Pickleball court – this will cause the core material within to soften and that’s the end of your paddle. Also, cold temperatures can cause your paddle to crack which means you’ll need another one in no time.

How Can You Make Your Pickleball Paddle Last Longer?

Pickleball paddles tend to be quite expensive, so you want to make sure that you get good use out of your paddle once you’ve chosen the one that’s right for you. This is why it’s important to care for your Pickleball paddle – so it can last long, serve you well and return the investment you made on it by giving you good service! Here are some tips for making your Pickleball paddle last longer!

We hope that the information that we’ve provided will give you a better understanding of how long your Pickleball paddle should last & what you can do to make your paddle last longer so that you can enjoy your Pickleball game without worrying that your paddle isn’t going to last.

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