Niupipo MX-06 Pickleball Paddle Review

Pickleball is an extremely fun game to play, especially when you have the right gear at your disposal. For serious pickleball players, pickleball paddles are like best friends. After all, the paddles help you win points at the end of the day. 

Niupipo is one of the most reputable pickleball paddle manufacturers, and their Niupipo MX-06 graphite pickleball paddle has made some fuss lately. This article will provide you with a detailed review of the Niupipo MX-06 pickleball paddle. 


Niupipo MX-06 Paddle Overview

The Niupipo MX-06 is a perfect paddle for beginner to intermediate level pickleball players. The first thing you’ll notice about this paddle is its colors! It has a very attractive look and is the perfect size for beginners. Beginner-level pickleball players need lightweight, medium-sized pickleball paddles that are easy to maneuver. The length of the Niupipo MX-06 is 10.85 inches without the handle. Its width is 7.85 inches, and in total, it weighs 8oz. Niupipo MX-06 Graphite Pickleball Paddle

Despite being one of the most affordable good quality paddles in the market, the MX-06 features a polymer honeycomb core. This polymer honeycomb core is one of the signature features of the manufacturer. Niupipo has spent years developing this core, which is one of the main reasons their paddles are so widely anticipated. 


In addition, all paddles from Niupipo’s MX line are made of graphite. When it comes to durability, graphite is one of the best materials one can find. On top of that, the graphite face provides elasticity for better control. 

To choose a good quality pickleball paddle, one needs to pay enough attention to grip and handling. If you don’t feel comfortable with the grip, no matter how expensive the paddle is, you won’t be able to win as many matches as you would like to. In our opinion, the Niupipo MX-06 has one of the most comfortable sweat-absorbent grips in the market. However, it comes down to personal preferences at the end of the day. The 4.5” grip size is standard, along with a 4.25” circumference. 

Niupipo MX-06 Paddle Power

If you are a power player, then the Niupipo MX-06 is one of the best options for you. Unlike typical polymer cores, Niupipo’s signature core has a bit harder feeling. The core allows you to generate a lot of power without using too much force. As a result, you will feel significantly more pop in this paddle than many other options in the market. If your playing style relies more on the back of the court positioning, you will win many matches with the Niupipo MX-06. Due to the core being a bit harder, you might struggle with the placement, but you will get used to it in no time. 

Niupipo Paddle Control

The harder polymer core does not make the Niupipo MX-06 easy to control, unfortunately. That does not mean it has horrible control by any means. You will mostly struggle to hit shots with a huge amount of spin. However, to hit shots with great spin, your skill level needs to be at a very high level anyway. For beginner to intermediate level players, spinning the ball excessively isn’t a mandatory skill. 

The paddle does a fairly good job when it comes to generating topspin and delivering hard serves. Despite the hard core, the grip helps with the control. The grip is extremely comfortable, and making shots is as fluent as it gets. If you get used to the hard core of the paddle, you can take full advantage of the grip to gain more control over your shots. 

How Forgiving is the Niupipo Mx-06 Pickleball Paddle

We wouldn’t say it is one of the most forgiving paddles because it’s not. Determining how forgiving a paddle depends greatly on control, and the Niupipo MX-06 paddle is not known for its control. If you prefer playing in the back of the court, forgiveness won’t be an issue with this paddle. However, you will find it difficult to pick up a good poach because of the hard core. A hard core is normal for paddles that are focused more on power. Overall, this paddle suits power hitters more than finesse players. 



If you are trying to choose a pickleball paddle for the first time, this paddle is one of the best you can have at your disposal. It comes at a great price and serves beginners to intermediate-level players very well. 

However, if you are a more advanced-level player, you must look for more expensive options that offer more control. In addition, if you are an advanced player and love power-hitting, you can certainly give the Niupipo MX-06 a shot if you are on a budget. 

You won’t get many better options for the price when it comes to power.

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