Pickleball Court Near Me

Where is a Pickleball court near me?

Pickleball Court Near MeSo you have a problem…how to find a Pickleball court?

Andy, your golf buddy, has been talking about it every time you play a round of golf. Sue, your cousin on your mother’s side & her husband Bob have been raving about it at the family barbeques.  Jim, your business partner,  wants to have a court built in his back garden.

One of the fastest growing sports

You know it’s one of the fastest growing sports in the United States! After hearing such great things about the sport from these awesome folks you decided to try Pickleball for yourself. You read the articles, you had your questions answered and you bought the best equipment to get started…now what?  Not only are you ready to use your new Pickleball equipment, but you’re actually really excited to get onto a Pickleball court. The problem you have is that you’re not sure where to find a pickleball court to play the sport.

Pickleball Courts at Golf Clubs?

Well, the reason why your golf buddy was raving about Pickleball is that according to a recent GolfersDigest article, golfers love Pickleball! With the likes of Phil Mickelson taking up the sport, no wonder Golf Clubs around the United States are even going as far as building Pickleball courts for their members! So make some inquiries at your local golf club to find out if they have any plans to build Pickleball courts.

Playing at home

Buying a Pickleball net of your own is another great option. Read our article on why it’s a great idea to buy your own Pickleball net & have lots of fun with your cousin, her husband & the whole family.

Playing for the office team

It might be a great idea to suggest to your boss that he organize a Pickleball party & teambuilding exercise. This way there is bound to be others in your office that will get hooked by the Pickleball bug. This will increase the pool of players that you will be able to play against. In time, an office team could emerge that will take the inter-company competition to the next level!

Want to know where there is a Pickleball court near me?

If none of these strategies work out, you don’t have to worry that you’ve bought your Pickleball gear for no reason. The great news is that Pickleball is played across the United States and the world. Want to find out where all the Pickleball enthusiast are getting together & enjoying this great game? Then the USAPA, or the USA Pickleball Association has a great resource which it makes available which answers the common question “Where is a Pickleball court close to me?“. They have more than 15,000 members who provide updates on the places to play. It will give you an excellent guide of pickleball courts where you live. Their growing list includes more than 4,000 locations and in excess of 15,000 courts!

No matter where you play the game of Pickleball, at home in your driveway, at your local golf club, with John from Accounting or wherever in the world you find a Pickleball court, we’re sure that with our help you’ll enjoy every minute of your game!

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