Amazin’ Aces Wooden Pickleball Paddle Bundle

Product Name:Amazin' Aces Wooden Pickleball Paddle Bundle
Brand:Amazin' Aces
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Amazin’ Aces Wooden Pickleball Paddle Bundle

What’s Included?
Our Amazin’ Aces Wooden Pickleball Paddle Bundle includes two (2) Amazin’ Aces wood pickleball paddles and four (4) pickleballs. With purchase, you’ll also receive a PDF guide via email with pickleball rules, tips, and more.
Who is this Pickleball Bundle a good choice for?
The Amazin’ Aces Wooden Pickleball Paddle Bundle set is a great choice for beginner players. It is the perfect way to introduce the awesome game of pickleball to friends, family, or neighbors. Many of our sets are sold as a gift – once you start playing pickleball it seems you want to share the love with those around you! And just because the set is designed for casual pickleballers, it does not mean we’ve skimped on quality! We believe in providing quality gear no matter your skill or experience level.

More Details:

  • Paddles: Wood paddles provide plenty of pop and performance! Our rackets are made from maple. Seven plies of maple are fashioned together to make a strong and rigid paddle core. Colorful screen printing of the orange pickleball and Amazin’ Aces logo is displayed on both sides of the varnished paddle faces.
  • Grip: Our grip is a high quality polyurethane grip. The grip has a slightly elevated ribbing around the handle that provides great feel for gripping the paddle’s handle. A wrist strap is added to the end of the handle for those that want to ensure the paddle doesn’t fly out of their hands during play or for the convenience of storing the paddle on a hook or nail.
  • Balls: Our pickleballs are durable and high performing outdoor pickleballs. Although technically ‘outdoor’ balls, these also work just fine indoors as well!
  • Packaging: The set comes in a sharp looking box with the Amazin’ Aces logo on the front. Makes a great gift set.
  • Dimensions: 7″ W x 15-1/2″ L Grip Circumference: 4-1/4″. Meets USAPA specifications.

Expert Pickleball Reviews

I’m 76 and my wife is 73. We played tennis in our younger years, but have been away from it for some time. We heard about pickle ball from some slightly younger friends and decided to give it a try. We did our first “get-acquainted” session today and have discovered that we have to unlearn a lot from our tennis experience. We have had fun finding that our arms are too short with the pickle ball paddles, that the game is played closer to the net and that those remembered muscle movements are only memories. We did about 25 minutes and had a good workout–and we had fun. We agree that we will continue to use pickle ball as a frequent exercise to keep our backs and legs in condition and to get some good cardio minutes. It is easy to see that this game is probably best played in doubles competition, but we are enjoying just batting the ball around at this point.
This is a beginner set, however being a beginner you want something that will be effective while learning the game. I like the comfortable grip. The paddle works just fine and the balls seemed decent. However my slightly snobbish and experienced pickleball co-players commented that the balls played a bit “strange” and switched them out. I personally did not notice a difference. Will probably switch out the paddles to a composite once I become better. Right now, I do not feel a better paddle will help my game. A miss is a miss. Definitely a good investment for a beginner. Company was nice enough to e-mail a “rules” instruction and again later, common mistakes beginners make. Helpful
My wife and I live just down the road from a tennis court that converted one of the courts to Pickleball courts. We wanted to try and saw that this set was low cost and perfect for us to try! They arrived on time and we set out to try it the day we got our order. What fun we had!!! The paddles are sturdy and strong with a good grip and it comes with four balls. We are now hooked and ordered ANOTHER set, as we are now getting our friends to play with us! Good quality and such a good price!
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