Apollo Pickleball Paddle Set

Product Name:Apollo Pickleball Paddle Set
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Apollo Pickleball Paddle Set

The Premium Apollo Pickleball Paddle Set was made with one thing in mind: Quality. As avid Pickleball players we designed a beautiful product while maintaining the qualities that define a good paddle – durability, comfort, power, and beauty. You’ll love using the Apollo paddle just as much as we loved creating it!

  • GRAPHITE FACE: With the same thickness as a fingernail the Apollo pickleball paddle’s graphite cover provides a firm, long-lasting paddle surface for perfect accuracy. The graphite surface is mechanically bonded to the polymer honeycomb core for a strong yet flexible panel structure, providing consistent lobs, dinks, and volleys.
  • PP HONEYCOMB CORE: The extra fine grade polymer honeycomb core provides the pickleball racket with redefined strength, optimal performance, and durability. The polymer core is laid out in a honeycomb pattern and regarded as one of the softest, but strongest, cores.
  • BALANCED WEIGHT: This awesome pickleball paddle strikes the perfect balance between great gameplay, control, power, and maneuverability. With a weight of ~8.0 oz it’s not too heavy and not too light, it’s just right for strong volley play and that famous “dink” everyone loves to hear!
  • EXTRA COMFORT ERGONOMIC GRIP: Playing for long periods of time can cause sweaty palms and grip slippage. Not with the Apollo paddle. Our pickleball paddles features a specially designed comfort grip that minimizes slipping while maximizing balance and control.

Expert Pickleball Reviews

The Apollo Pickleball Paddle Set is really a gem. Pretty big difference between this paddle and a wooden paddle. It’s much lighter. Easy on the arm and packs quite the punch. I started playing pickleball a few months ago and couldn’t be happier with this upgrade over my previous paddle. I hope my skills on the court increase as well, looking forward to that! I would consider the whole package to be the best bang for your buck out there.
I am brand new to Pickleball. Only my second time playing. But the first time I played with some friends at our local YMCA. They had a wooden type paddle that was hard to play with. Tried some friends paddles and loved them….but couldn’t afford the $80 prices. So I went with this paddle. I love the feel of it….seems to work great….but I am a newbie.
I’ve had this paddle for a month now. When I first got it, I loved it. It fit well and was light and easy to use. However, after a month of playing (maybe 20 games total – it’s been cold and wet here in NE), the rubber edge is coming off. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to glue it back. Durability is definitely an issue – my previous paddle is 3+ years old and still going strong. Update – June 20th. After my original review the company contacted me to rectify the situation. Long story short, they have replaced the paddle with a new one and I am happily back in business. The new paddle is great and the company was excellent to work with. I have updated my rating to reflect their support.
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  • David K. says:

    I love the Apollo Pickleball paddle. It plays just like the expensive paddles my friends have but for a fraction of the cost. My wife and I both play this paddle now. Can’t go wrong with this paddle.

    • Brendon says:

      Thanks for the great feedback David. We really appreciate you taking the time to make a comment on the Apollo Pickleball paddle. We want the reviews & info provided on PickleballPOP to help other Pickleball players.

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