Prince Spectrum Pro Pickleball Paddle Review

What is it that makes the Prince Spectrum Pro Pickleball paddle special? The paddles that Prince make combine the finest characteristics of a tennis racquet, with a thicker core.

The Spectrum Pro paddle Spectrum Pro paddle includes an extremely thick polymer core that lets you have complete control over the amount of force you unleash with each swing. It’s more responsive which lets you make dink shots or hit the ball really hard quite easily.

The Prince Spectrum Pro Pickleball paddle is more similar in shape and size than an racquet for tennis. This obviously can also provide a larger sweet spot. In contrast to hitting the ball from middle, you get more room to strike the ball, while still being able to control the ball and maintain power.



Paddle Length: 15 3/4″

The Paddle Width: 8 1/4″

Paddle Face: Textured UV coated

Grip Length: 5″

The Grip Style: thin, flat (small) or perforated cushion (large)

Grip Circumference(Small): 4 1/8″

Grip Circumference(Large): 4 3/8″

Weight Range(Light): 7.2-7.7 ounces

Weight Range(Standard): 7.8-8.3 ounces

Core Thickness: 9/16″ (0.5625″)

Core Material: Polymer honeycomb

Edge Guard: 1/8″ overlapping paddle face

Manufacturer: Prince Pickleball

Country Made: The USA


Who Makes Prince Pickleball Paddles?prince spectrum pro pickleball paddle red

If you’re a tennis player then you’ve probably bought Prince products prior to starting to play Pickleball. They manufacture high-quality tennis racquets, balls as well as other tennis equipment.

Prince’s introduction into the pickleball paddle market is relatively new. The company also decided not to manufacture its own pickleball paddles, but to outsource the manufacturing of the paddles rather.

The paddles that are branded “Prince” are made by Paddletek. They are among the top paddle makers.

Instead of making the paddles themselves, Prince decided to partner with this seasoned pickleball business to create a new line of paddles for the Prince brand.

Paddle Head

The Prince Spectrum Pro Pickleball Paddle has a circular shape, which creates an additional sweet spot that blows off “touch” players’ expectations.

The head’s round shape makes for an enormous, consistently sweet spot.

What is a sweet spot? It is the part of the paddle that produces the lowest amount of vibrations during contact on the ball. The ball hitting this area can increase the control and strength. Also, it reduces stress over the wrist. This could decrease the chance of pickleball-related injuries.

I’m always looking for a paddle that allows me to play effectively in defense when confronted with good attacking play or powerful groundstrokes. The Prince Spectrum Pro Pickleball paddle is among the finest control paddles I’ve played with.

For me, it’s a composite paddle that offers the softness and feel of graphite. It also has ample control, and an enormous amount of power when you’re looking for it. It’s lightweight, therefore I feel that I have a great feel even with soft shots. The face has enough grit to provide you with excellent spin control.

The paddle also has a soft feel , and it can hit winners effortlessly when you spot an opening.


Paddle Core

A strong polymer core is used to enhance its receptiveness while a slim edge guard ensures the greatest volume of the surface area for the paddle face.

This paddle is an exception to the typical compromises when you play with composite fiberglass paddles. It has a huge sweet spot and exceptional power characteristics which makes it desirable to players looking for the best defensive paddle as well as an offensive tool.

Other Paddle Features

The Prince Spectrum Pro Pickleball paddle has a 5″ long handle. It is available in two different grip and weight sizes to allow you to tailor the features to meet your requirements.

The large 8-1/4″ paddle width gives you ample space to hit every shot you want with the ability to control your volley’s direction and angle. The design features the background of a jagged/honeycomb combination, which is then topped with the Prince “P” symbol.

The Prince Spectrum Pro Pickleball Paddle features a fantastic blend of control and power that will leave you feeling more confident in your play than ever before.

Progressive Core technology is thicker than conventional polymer cores. It has 9/16″ thick core with a an linear progressive feeling.

The more you boost your shots the greater the amount of power you generate which is transferred onto the ball.

In the majority of fiberglass-faced paddles, this creates an intense “hot spot” in the middle of the face. However, it is the Progressive Core on the Prince , in conjunction with its unique rounded shape which enhances the sweet spot. This makes sure that your shots are consistent. So its perfect for soft shots such as dinks as well as defensive volleys where you use the power and speed of your opponent’s shots, as well as shots that can be put away easily.

The first thing you’ll notice in The Prince Spectrum Pro Pickleball paddle is the shape of the grip. Because of its thick base, the design of the grip is more square than elongated rectangle or oval. I consider this to be a positive feature.

Paddle Choices

I like that it comes in the slim (4 1/8″)”) and standard (4 3/8″) circumference. Its shape allows you to keep a good feel for the right angles of your paddle when you hold it and reduces the chance of hitting off angles that are caused by paddles with rounded edges.

Although I think it is a power paddle , because it has a sweet spot that is bigger , the shots are more consistent and thus ball control is improved for all types of shots.

The paddle is more light than it actually looks and, therefore, the power and pop level can be a bit surprising. Weight can affect the degree of finesse or power the paddle has and since this paddle comes with an array of weight choices, you can easily increase or decrease in weight, resulting in more than less power or control.

Paddle Weight prince spectrum pro pickleball paddle orange

I like that Prince doesn’t think that one size will fit all. The Prince Spectrum Pro Pickleball paddle comes with great options for grip size and weight. Let the user decide the best one! For ball-feel and control of shots, I think that’s where the Spectrum excels. It is a pleasure to play with this paddle.

You might hit your shots too hard when you first start playing with this paddle because it feels light but has plenty of pop. I think this could be an indication that the weight is handle-biased. Once you begin to really get the feel for this paddle you will be capable of putting away plenty of winners and spin the ball with ease. You’ll really be able to manage and control your shots.

Due to the weighting, it feels extremely quick and agile. The larger face will give you confidence, particularly when you use spinning serves, playing defensive volleys and cutting backhand returns.

It has a large, regular sweet spot, which allowed for more imaginative and risky shots, while ensuring consistency. You will not have to worry whether you’ll hit it in the right spot.

This is absolutely confidence-building. I believe that this is an excellent paddle for intermediate, beginner and advanced players as long as you are searching for a paddle to improve your  performance over time.

Due to the larger face and the large sweet spot, this paddle performs well and is very accommodating.

Pick from different weights, light (7.2-7.7 OZ) or normal (7.8-8.3 8 oz),  four colors and two sizes for grips.


Pros and Cons Of  The Prince Spectrum Pro Pickleball paddle

As previously mentioned the paddles offer a variety of advantages to players of all ages and are particularly beneficial for those who have played tennis previously.

The Most Popular Pros Of The Spectrum Pro

  1. Largest sweet spot available
  2. Responsive polymer core
  3. Design that is well-balanced
  4. Two weight options for personal playing style
  5. Two separate grip sizes for personal choice

The wide sweet spot as well as the an incredibly responsive polymer core are among the most notable features of this paddle. Like I said, this paddle permits you to hit the ball with additional power. It is also possible to keep hold back with your shot and play a softer shot with finesse too.

Apart from the advantages previously discussed the Prince Spectrum Pro Pickleball paddle is very well balanced. The head isn’t overly heavy due to the long grip. For the majority of players this kind of balance is crucial for power, spin and control.

You can also pick between two different weight options, standard or light, and the Prince Spectrum Pro Pickleball paddle comes in two grip sizes. 

The lighter versions are weighing in at approximately 7.1-ounces and 7.6-ounces in accordance with the thickness of the grip you select.. The standard weight paddles weigh in between 7.7-ounces and 8.1-ounces.

Although a half-ounce might not seem like a significant variation, the weight could begin to affect your performance when playing competitively. When you choose lighter weight models you lose a bit of power in exchange for control, while the more heavy choice offers the exact opposite.

The Most Notable Cons Of The Spectrum Pro

  1. Power
  2. Takes a bit of getting used to
  3. Above average cost

There are three problems to think about before purchasing the Spectrum Pro from Prince. The first one is the power. This paddle is able to offer the greatest power on big swings, and may provide too much power for novice players.

If you’re just beginning to learn to play the game of pickleball it is best to concentrate on control and precision. You will get more responsive play with the polymer core because of it’s thickness. It requires practice and experience for mastering the flexibility of the paddle.

Beginners might take a while to get used to this paddle, so if you’re impatient and not willing to put the time in to master the use of this paddle then you might want to try a more beginner friendly paddle. Take a look at our reviews of the best beginner Pickleball paddles.

This Prince paddle is slightly more expensive when compared to other paddles. But, you must be aware of what you are getting when you pay the additional cost.

The core is the most thick and it has the largest sweet spot. It is also a paddle which could last for a long time. The fact that this paddle is very durable and lasts a long time will increase it’s value overall.

Conclusionprince spectrum pro pickleball paddle blue

The Prince Spectrum Pro is a excellent choice for all kinds of players. Although beginners might need to put in a bit more effort to get used to the flexibility of this well-balanced paddle they’re close to the tennis racquet.

The paddle also ideal for players with more experience. Due to the stronger polymer core and racquet-like shape it has the largest sweet spot as well as the highest flexible.

This Prince Spectrum Pro paddle is constructed to last, flexible and powerful. It also has an accurate and reliable spin that is ideal to players at all levels.

If you’re thinking of buying an all-new paddle Prince has their Spectrum Pro for players of all levels of skill to enjoy for years.